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Simple PHP Pagination with AJAX

Create a simple and light weight AJAX pagination using PHP

How to do ajax in Laravel 5.2

Best practices in implementing ajax in your laravel app.

Java – Parsing JSON Data from a URL

Simple code snippet for parsing JSON data from a URL in Java

AngularJS – Show route only after all Ajax requests are resolved

Show route page only after Ajax request is complete for single or dynamic routes

AngularJS – Show a loading image on HTTP Requests

Append a loading gif image to your screen while AJAX is fetching data

GET Request using cURL

Demonstrates how to pull out data from a Web Service using cURL GET Method

Build Your Own Ajax Contact Form in WordPress

A very simple AJAX Contact Form for your WordPress blog.

AJAX using XMLHttpRequest Object

Learn the basics of AJAX using XMLHttpRequest with Javascript.

Sending HTTP requests using cURL in PHP

A simplified way of Sending HTTP requests using client URL

WordPress Frontend AJAX Pagination

Create a Front-end AJAX pagination in your WordPress blog

Implementing AJAX in WordPress

Introduces the proper way of using AJAX in your WordPress blog