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Installing MongoDB in Laragon Windows

Installing MongoDB in Windows can be very confusing when you’re a beginner. Your first thought was probably to just google and find a article that will summarize it for you, well you came to the right place. Let’s dive into the installation right away Download and install the latest version of the following if you […]

How to install Xdebug in Laragon

Setup Xdebug PHP profiling tool in your laragon server in less than 3 minutes.

Add Plugins to CKEditor CDN

Easily add plugins into your CKEditor hosted on a CDN.

Connecting an ASP.NET MVC Application to MySQL

Learn how to connect an ASP.NET MVC application to MySQL

Using Angular Material with Meteor

How to integrate Angular Material to your Meteor Application

Setting up Bcrypt for Rails on Windows

Demonstrates how to properly setup bcrypt on Windows and to solve the error (LoadError) message in your terminal

Installing MongoDB in XAMPP Windows

Install and configure MongoDB in XAMPP with Windows environment.

How to use Pace.Js

Add a simple Progress Indicator into your website