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React Native Wizard Stepper

React Native UI snippets

Responsive Table Using Pure CSS

Create a responsive table without using any Javascript plugins.

Get a Perfect Score of 100 on Google PageSpeed Insights

Obtain a perfect score of 100 in Google Page Speed insights the right way.

Node.js Authentication

A simple user authentication example using Express and Passport.js which includes pages for Login, Register, and Account.

MongoDB Authentication Using PHP

Recently, a client of mine wanted to have an authentication system for their existing Web Application. They are currently using MongoDB as their Database and just wanted to implement a simple Login, Register and Account page for their customers. I did not have much experience working with MongoDB before I accepted the project  so I […]

Using History.js with AJAX

Simple example on how to make History.JS work with dynamically loaded pages.

GET Request using cURL

Demonstrates how to pull out data from a Web Service using cURL GET Method

Build Your Own Ajax Contact Form in WordPress

A very simple AJAX Contact Form for your WordPress blog.

Setting / Getting Sessions Values in PHP

Learn how to set and get Sessions values in PHP

Contact Form 7 Normalize Form CSS

Normalized CSS for your Contact Form 7 forms.

Indent WordPress Subcategories in a Drop-down List

Create a drop-down list with multiple level of WordPress Subcategories.

Example of an Ajaxified WordPress Admin using OOP Style

A Good demonstration of Ajaxified WordPress Admin along with Object Oriented Approach