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Consuming WCF in ASP.NET MVC 5 with Entity Framework 6 using Visual Studio 2017

Create WCF service with Entity Framework then consume it on a ASP.NET MVC application

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Easily zip and unzip specific files or folders using these methods

Android Development – Parsing JSON Data from a URL

How to parse JSON data using HTTPClient and display the results on a ListView

Polymorphism – OOP PHP Tutorial

Understanding Polymorphism and its usage and advantages.

Build Your Own Ajax Contact Form in WordPress

A very simple AJAX Contact Form for your WordPress blog.

Featured Image Shortcode [Plugin]

Creates a shortcode for your featured image to easily embed it within your WP Editor.

Post Class for Resume Database

Functions from my most recent Resume Database project

URL Rewriting for Custom Post Types Date Archive

Clean URL’s for Custom Post Type Archives

Using Object-Oriented Approach in Building WordPress Admin Menus

Coding in WordPress Admin using Object Oriented Programming

Convert stdClass Object to Array in PHP

Use this function to convert stdClass Objects into an Array

Useful CSS3 Element Effects

Apply Hover Effects into any HTML element with these cool CSS3 Animations