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Create Posts from WordPress Front-End

Allow visitor to create a post from the front-end of your WordPress blog

Disable Update Notifications in WordPress Admin

Stop annoying updates and notifications in your WordPress Admin

Build Your Own Ajax Contact Form in WordPress

A very simple AJAX Contact Form for your WordPress blog.

Example of an Ajaxified WordPress Admin using OOP Style

A Good demonstration of Ajaxified WordPress Admin along with Object Oriented Approach

Generate Emails with HTML & CSS in WordPress

Adding HTML tags and CSS Styles into your Email Contents

Add a Widget Area in your WordPress Admin Dashboard

Adding a simple Widget Area on top of all the other widgets in your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

WordPress Frontend AJAX Pagination

Create a Front-end AJAX pagination in your WordPress blog

Implementing AJAX in WordPress

Introduces the proper way of using AJAX in your WordPress blog

Create a Submenu Page in WordPress Admin

Start creating your first plugin-like page