Python – Django AJAX Pagination with Search and Sort

In this tutorial, we are going to build a simple AJAX Pagination with search and sort using Python with Django framework. This tutorial assumes that you already have an existing Module built using the latest Django framework. What you see in the above picture is exactly what we are going to build out. So let’s get started.

Requirements :

  1. Download and install the latest version of python (version 3+) from here:
    • For Mac users: Python version 2.7+ is installed by default, so to use python version 3, you will have to use these commands:
      • python3 <command>
      • pip3 <command>
  2. Install django using pip:

Integrating the AJAX Pagination with Search and Sort :

Create the base template mymodule/templates/mymodule/base.html with the following contents:

Then create the products template: mymodule/templates/mymodule/products.html and include the code bellow:

Create the controller that will handle both GET and POST methods to the products page. The code bellow goes to your mymodule/ ….

Click here to download the FULL tutorial



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