Mobile App – BaguioCity.Biz

A mobile application for built using Facebook’s famous React Native mobile app framework. Designed and developed by Carl Victor C. Fontanos.

Many people are currently assessing React Native as a platform to develop their next mobile app on.  Coming from multiple mobile platforms like Fuse, Meteor, and native code via android studio; for me, the best platform i’ve used by far is React Native. In my opinion – React Native is the future of mobile app development. Building an app in React Native is fairly easy, I love the hot reloading feature which let us modify application code without recompiling the application itself. I also like the fact that so many developers are now using React Native and their community is constantly growing – you will never feel alone with your problems. Bottom line, I would definitely recommend React Native to my friends!

This goal of this mobile app is to provide another option for members of BaguioCity.Biz to browse ads and manage their items from within their mobile devices. This app provides similar functionalities to that of the live site. Another goal of this app is to showcase my skills in the field of Mobile Application. Have a look at the video demo bellow:


  • Login and Registration.
  • Image Sliders with pannable and zoomable pictures
  • Add Items(name, description, price, category, condition)
  • Attach multiple images for each item by selecting them from your phone’s local storage or directly from your phone’s camera.
  • Crop / resize / rotate images before attaching to the item.
  • Edit items, Delete Items and Repost Items
  • Manage item images (Add images / Delete image(s), Set Featured image)
  • Edit Account Information which also includes changing of password
  • Search and filter items by Category, Price, and Condition
  • Stay logged-in even after exiting the application.

This mobile app is entirely wired into the BaguioCity.Biz web application through API communication.

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