Moving Laravel 5.6 from local machine to live server

  1. Zip your laravel app files.
    Laravel default installation has over 6000 files, it’s recommended that you zip your files
    then unzip it in your Cpanel Web Explorer.
  2. Export your app’s database then set it up on your server.
  3. After you have uploaded your laravel app files, open the .env file found on the root
    directory of your laravel app.
    Update the database credentials and the APP_URL.
  4. Open your .htaccess file, then add the following line just bellow RewriteEngine On:
    RewriteBase /
  5. That’s it!, now check your live site.
  6. If you are getting 403 Forbidden Access or 500 Internal Server message, try changing
    the permissions of your storage folder found on the root directory of your laravel app.
    Set the permission to 0777.
  7. If you are still having issues, contact your hosting.

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