How to use niceScroll.Js

Nice Scroll is a simple jQuery plugin that replaces your browser’s default scroll bar with a custom scroll bar which you can fully customize.

  • Compatible with all desktop browser: Firefox 4+, Chrome 5+, Safari 4+ (win/mac), Opera 10+, IE 6+. (all A-grade browsers)
  • Compatible with mobile device: iPad/iPhone/iPod, Android 2.2+, Blackberry phones and Playbook (WebWorks/Table OS), Windows Phone 7.5 Mango and Windows Phone 8
  • Compatible with all touch devices: iPad, Window Surface.
  • Compabible with multi-input device (mouse with touch or pen): Window Surface, Chrome Desktop on touch notebook.
  • Compatible with 2 directions mice: Apple Magic Mouse, Apple Mouser with 2-dir wheel, PC mouse with 2-dir wheel (if browser support it).


<script src="//"></script>

Very easy to integrate, simply copy the CDN on the header part of your website then add this additional script just bellow the CDN:

$(document).ready(function() {
    $("html").niceScroll({cursorwidth: '10px', autohidemode: false, zindex: 999 });

Replace “html” with whatever element you wish to integrate niceScroll.

To customize the appearance and behavior, use these parameters:

  • cursorcolor – change cursor color in hex, default is “#000000”
  • cursoropacitymin – change opacity very cursor is inactive (scrollabar “hidden” state), range from 1 to 0, default is 0 (hidden)
  • cursoropacitymax – change opacity very cursor is active (scrollabar “visible” state), range from 1 to 0, default is 1 (full opacity)
  • cursorwidth – cursor width in pixel, default is 5 (you can write “5px” too)
  • cursorborder – css definition for cursor border, default is “1px solid #fff”
  • cursorborderradius – border radius in pixel for cursor, default is “4px”
  • zindex – change z-index for scrollbar div, default value is 9999
  • scrollspeed – scrolling speed, default value is 60
  • mousescrollstep – scrolling speed with mouse wheel, default value is 40 (pixel)
  • touchbehavior – enable cursor-drag scrolling like touch devices in desktop computer (default:false)
  • hwacceleration – use hardware accelerated scroll when supported (default:true)
  • boxzoom – enable zoom for box content (default:false)
  • dblclickzoom – (only when boxzoom=true) zoom activated when double click on box (default:true)
  • gesturezoom – (only when boxzoom=true and with touch devices) zoom activated when pitch out/in on box (default:true)
  • grabcursorenabled, display “grab” icon for div with touchbehavior = true, (default:true)
  • autohidemode, how hide the scrollbar works, true=default / “cursor” = only cursor hidden / false = do not hide
  • background, change css for rail background, default is “”
  • iframeautoresize, autoresize iframe on load event (default:true)
  • cursorminheight, set the minimum cursor height in pixel (default:20)
  • preservenativescrolling, you can scroll native scrollable areas with mouse, bubbling mouse wheel event (default:true)
  • railoffset, you can add offset top/left for rail position (default:false)
  • bouncescroll, enable scroll bouncing at the end of content as mobile-like (only hw accell) (default:false)
  • spacebarenabled, enable page down scrolling when space bar has pressed (default:true)
  • railpadding, set padding for rail bar (default:{top:0,right:0,left:0,bottom:0})
  • disableoutline, for chrome browser, disable outline (orange hightlight) when selecting a div with nicescroll (default:true)
  • horizrailenabled, nicescroll can manage horizontal scroll (default:true)
  • railalign, alignment of vertical rail (defaul:”right”)
  • railvalign, alignment of horizontal rail (defaul:”bottom”)
  • enabletranslate3d, nicescroll can use css translate to scroll content (default:true)
  • enablemousewheel, nicescroll can manage mouse wheel events (default:true)
  • enablekeyboard, nicescroll can manage keyboard events (default:true)
  • smoothscroll, scroll with ease movement (default:true)
  • sensitiverail, click on rail make a scroll (default:true)
  • enablemouselockapi, can use mouse caption lock API (same issue on object dragging) (default:true)
  • cursorfixedheight, set fixed height for cursor in pixel (default:false)
  • hidecursordelay, set the delay in microseconds to fading out scrollbars (default:400)
  • directionlockdeadzone, dead zone in pixels for direction lock activation (default:6)
  • nativeparentscrolling , detect bottom of content and let parent to scroll, as native scroll does (default:true)
  • enablescrollonselection, enable auto-scrolling of content when selection text (default:true)


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