How to install and use Neor Profiler SQL

The Neor Profiler SQL help developers profile their app connections to MySQL database. A lot of programmers face a situations where a large project requires optimization. This process is much more complicated if the code is confused and does not contain a single entry point for accessing the database. The tool resolves that problems.


  1. Install the software then open it.
  2. By default, the software listens to port 4040, you can leave this as is.
    • IMPORTANT: In your PHP database connection file, you need to change the host from “localhost” to “localhost:4040”
      • this way all query requests will pass by “localhost:4040” first, then will be routed to “localhost:3306”


  1. Go to “Sessions” tab
  2. Then open a page in your localhost website that you want to track queries (just load the page once)
  3. Go back to Neor Profiler SQL, you will notice that new sessions were added.
    • you can double click on a session to see the queries that executed in a new tab.
      • in the NEW TAB, you will see a graph at the top, and bellow it are the queries that executed
        • the graph shows the query execution. The higher the point, the slower the execution time. So you need to focus on optimizing these high points
        • you can also click on the high point of the graph and to show the query responsible.
        • in the table of queries you can sort the results by clicking the column title.
        • there is also an “execute” button if you want to run a specific query.
      • if you have a page that is ajax loaded, the ajax call will be recorded as another session.
  4. Before capturing another page, use the “Clear All” button on the top right to remove all sessions.

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