Add Plugins to CKEditor CDN

Here’s a basic implementation of CKEditor CDN:

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <meta charset="utf-8">
  <script src=""></script>
  <textarea name="editor1"></textarea>
   CKEDITOR.replace( 'editor1' );

And for example we want to add the plugin “Youtube”, first download the plugin from here: then extract the contents to a directory that is easy to find, for example: MY_PROJECT/ckeditor/plugins/youtube/

Then we link the Youtube plugin into our CKEditor instance:

CKEDITOR.plugins.addExternal('youtube', '/ckeditor/plugins/youtube/plugin.js');
CKEDITOR.replace( 'editor1', {
 extraPlugins: 'youtube',
} );

If you need to add multiple plugins, you can do it like this:

extraPlugins: 'youtube,plugin_1,plugin_2,plugin_3'

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