A resume database system developed by Carl Victor C. Fontanos using Node.JS that helps job seekers get hired faster and helps employers find potential candidates across every industry and location.

getHired is a Resume Database Web Application developed by Carl Victor C. Fontanos. It allows members to register as an Applicant or an Employer. As an applicant you get to create a stunning resume page, access to the resume database, submit resume to employers, and manage job applications. And as an Employer you get to view applicant resumes. manage job posts, and search the applicants database for potential candidates.  This project is currently on its development phase.

This Web Application is running on Node.JS with Express.js framework and MongoDB. Other modules utilized on this project are: Passport.js, async, Express Session, Monk, EJS,

You can view the repository on GitHub

How do I get setup?

  1. Create a folder called “data” in the root directory of our nodejs project. This is where MongoDB documents will be stored.
  2. Go to MongoDB installation directory and under the bin folder run this command: mongod –dbpath C:\Users\Carl\Documents\node-express-mongo\nodetest1\data This will start the MongoDB server. Leave this CLI  instance open and start another CLI instance.
  3. In the new CLI, navigate to where you pulled this repository, ex. C:/nodejs-mongodb-default-template then type-in: npm install then wait till it finishes installing all the modules required to run our Node.js Web Application.
  4. Once the installation is completed, type in the following command to run our Web Application: npm start  Make sure to keep the CLI opened.
  5. Now go to using your favorite browser.

Contribution guidelines

If you are a developer and you would like to contribute to this project, please follow my guidelines bellow:

  • ALWAYS start a new branch before making changes to the codes
  • Pull requests directly to the master branch will be ignored!
  • Use a git client, preferably Source Tree or you can use git commands from your terminal, your choice!
  • Many smaller commits are better than one large commit. Edit your file(s), if the edit does not break the code with things like syntax errors, commit. It is easier to reconcile many smaller commits than one large commit.
  • When your feature or bug fix is ready, perform a pull request and notify carl.fontanos@gmail.com that your code is ready for review on Github.


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