Advanced PHP File Manager

A complete on demand portable web-based file management tool and code editor written in a single PHP file.

Advanced PHP File Manager is a complete on demand file management tool for Web Developers which is written in a single PHP file and can be immediately used after uploading it into your server.

I started this project with a goal to design and develop a simple, customizable and portable tool that utilizes the best and most popular plugins available in the stack. While this project is still under construction, it will be available for purchase soon.

Full Screen Code Editing

Code Editing is one of the greatest feature of this this tool. As you can see in the image bellow, the editor uses a syntax highlighter which fully customizable. The editor is a popup modal that appears in full screen by default, the file title and action buttons are in small sizes so that they do not consume too much space on the screen, giving you more space to work on your code.

User authentication.

The tool utilizes a session-based user authentication mechanism. On submitting the login details, it compares the submitted data with the global constants that you have set, and if it matches the login credentials on file – it will then allow the user to access the tool.

Dark Theme

Other Features

  • View, Create, Edit. Delete, Rename, Move, Copy, Upload, Zip, Unzip files and folders.
  • Smart tree view for directory structures.
  • Portable. This tool is a single PHP file with less than 50kb in size.
  • No page load. The application uses 100% AJAX in everything that it processes on the server.
  • Utilizes history for storing directory path information so that you can utilize the browser’s back and forward buttons and navigate directly into a specific directory by inputting the path directly into the URL bar.
  • Fully Responsive design – utilizes Bootstrap v4.
  • Update checks. When a new version is released, you will see a message on the top most part of the page.
  • Very fast and user-friendly interface